A disruptive, modern and fun payment app

Kleepay is more than a payment app, is a whole transactional social network

We will finance the development of the new application, which incorporates new technologies and will have a global reach, through our ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Be part of the financing round for the development of the new version of the payment app Kleepay and get the benefits of being part of our project as an investor

Initial coin offering

Starts from February 15th , 2021

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What is Kleepay?

Kleepay is more than just a payment platform, is a whole transactional social network

We have incorporated the last advances in financial technology, in order to develop an integral platform, focused on national and international micro transactions, under a disruptive and entertaining environment.

The ecosystem includes a mobile app where users can make purchases, transfers, communicate with contacts and spend quality time. The app counts with a digital multicurrency wallet, introducing for the first time in Chile, the DCLP or “Digital Chilean Peso”, a stable coin tethered to Chilean Peso (CLP).

A franchised model that works all around the world

Through Franchise Master Group, we can offer our solution up to more than 20 countries. Also available as white label.

FMG has a portfolio of more than 1200 franchise projects managed over 24 years of experience. Through the partnership between Welten Fintech and FMG, Kleepay is willing to conect countries through disruptive financial solutions. From now on, transactions and international payments can be made quickly, reliably and at a very low cost.

Our operations model, our paying and transfering processing technology, and our VISA / Mastercard prepaid credit card issuance license allow us to offer our solution in several countries around the world, offering a unique opportunity to companies that wish to incorporate into their business portfolio a payment application that includes a digital wallet in local currency and a prepaid credit card in dollars.

If you are interested in incorporating our payment app in your company or country and you are outside Chile, contact us. We also offer our technology as white label.

The opportunities for a company to franchise our payment solution are:

- Incorporate high ROI solution to company's portfolio.
- Create and distribute white label prepaid cards for customer loyalty system. Ideal for retail companies, supermarkets, media, etc.
- Incorporate internal money gathering system into the company. Ideal for distribution companies, collection, etc.
- Fund management system through a private token. Ideal for companies with sales force, travel, educational institutions, casinos, etc.

Our Features

Kleepay is a transactional ecosystem based on Blockchain technology that includes a mobile app, prepaid cards, wearable gadgets and POS devices for merchants.

With Kleepay, users will be able to make purchases, transfer funds worldwide, save or invest, communicate between contacts or playing at the fun platform “Kleeland”. All this, through the highest security standards that Blockchain technology offers.

Multicurrency digital wallet

Kleepay app includes a multicurrency digital wallet, which means that it is possible to store in a single wallet, funds in different currencies, like DCLP, Bitcoin, Eth, DAI, etc.

Borderless transfers

Blockchain technology enables worldwide transfers of funds instantly, through a peer-to-peer network, without the need of a central body like a bank or money exchange house.


Blockchain technology is recognized as a whole informatic revolution and one of the reasons of that status, is the fact that provides the highest security standards of the industry.


Blockchain can be described as an electronic ledger, discretely stored over time in an immutable way through a decentralized network. All transactions are registered and can be traced anytime. This data can’t be changed or manipulated.

Digital Payments

With Kleepay, users can top up their wallet with cash or electronic transfers and making purchases with cryptocurrencies in more than 25 countries that are part of the Kleepay Blockchain network, and also top up the prepaid credit card and making purchases in all merchants around the world where credit cards are accepted.


Kleeland is an entertainment platform inside the app, where users can spend funds in activities like raffles, charity, marketplace, etc.

Financial circular economy

Blockchain technology is considered as a complete informatic revolution, to the point that many call it "The Internet 3.0". This technology, applied to finance, provides a series of benefits, mainly focused on democratization

From now on, with Kleepay, merchants will be able to receive income passively, just for being part of Kleepay's network, through the process known as "Staking", or proportional profit sharing.

What is Financial Circular Economy?

It is a concept similar to circular economy, but applied to finances. Under this concept, all the participants of the value chain, meaning: The supplier, the merchant and the customer, can be mutually benefited within a cyclical chain.

Which technology is behind this concept?

Blockchain technology allows a series of algorithms or "fundamental rules" that define its operation, including the "consensus algorithms". One of them is the one that defines the incentive system for participating nodes. This is known as "Proof of Stake", a consensus algorithm that gives back an incentive to all participating nodes, in proportion of how much funds do each node saves.

Which consensus algorithm defines the Kleepay blockchain?

As mentioned before, Kleepay runs under the consensus algorithm "Proof of Stake" which makes circular financial economy concept possible.

What is the proof of Stake in Kleepay's Blockchain?

Each time a customer makes a purchase at a store, the store must pay a commission to the service provider (Kleepay). Part of this commission is gathered, along with all the other commissions made in a period of time, and then it is distributed to all the participating nodes of the network, depending on the proportion of digital money that each one keeps in their account, independently whether or not a particular merchant made sales during that period.

Our Roadmap

Our current goal is to raise funds to develop the new version of our application adapted to the Chilean and Latin American market, bringing together all the new technological advances, experience and licenses acquired.



  • Welten prepaid credit card and its "My Choice" application for Android and IOS begin operations in Chile



  • Pause in the sale and recharge of the Welten card, due to a change in Chilean legislation



  • Start of conceptual development of payment platform through Blockchain technology: Kleepay Project



  • End of Kleepay project conceptual development and start of fund raising



  • Start of financing platform development: ICO Kleepay



  • Partnership between Welten Fintech and FMG to franchise Kleepay application abroad



  • Formalization of corporate merger between Welten Fintech and Barter Medios



  • Launch of financing round through the ICO



  • Kleepay ecosystem development start



  • Launch of MVP platform in Chile and start of series B investment round

Token Sale

Invest in our ICO now and have return over investment over from 5% to 20%. Payback will be made at the end of the Serie B investment round.

Token Type


Token Symbol



63.000.000 CLP

Total Tokens


Token Price

0.7 CLP
(Private round)


81.000.000 CLP

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

Our Team

Our team is made up of professionals with years of experience in information technology, Fintech, Blockchain technology and entrepreneurship.

Alejandro Máximo

Project Manager

Benjamín Blaimont


Leandro Gómez

Systems chief

Ankur Shah

Blockchain Chief

Ryan Castiel

Prepaid Card Rep.

Marcelo Caicea


Advisory Board

Eduardo Chianea


Claudio Bullón

Board Member FMG

José Miguel Borquez

Technical Adviser

Pablo Acevedo

legal Adviser

Asked Questions

Kleepay is a payment mobile app developed as a social network to become payments a fun activity. You will be able to pay at affiliated merchants, transfer funds to contacts all around the world, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, top up crypto prepaid card and USD prepaid credit card and spend quality time at our fun platform Kleeland. For merchants and blockchain nodes will be able to gain revenues through DCLP Cryptocurrency staking.

To purchase tokens, sign up and get a digital wallet for free. Then you will be able to purchase tokens using the accepted cryptocurrencies and also Chilean peso by debit and credit card. Tokens will be automatically transferred to your digital wallet.

Once you buy tokens, you can either store them and wait for the payback period or transfer/sell them to a third party.

Depending on the round, your return over investment in tokens will be set as follows:
  • At the first round or Private ICO stage, Token price will be 0,7 Chilean pesos per token.
  • At public Offer of ICO, Token price will be 0,8 Chilean pesos per token
  • If necessary, there will be a second round of public ICO. At this stage, tokens will be offered at 0,9 Chilean pesos per token.
After the development of the app, there will be a mayor fund raising and once this round is finished, Payback stage will take place, wish means, all purchased tokens by investors will be bought by our company at 1 Digital Chilean peso per token.

DCLP stands for “Digital Chilean peso”. It’s a stable coin or stable cryptocurrency anchored to Chilean peso and supported by the Ethereum Blockchain. Once DCLP is released to the market, The price of a DCLP unit will be always 1 fiat Chilean peso, which means, 1 DCLP = 1 CLP. The purpose is releasing the digital Chilean peso, is to avoid the use of cash billets. This is why we can call this stable coin “Digital cash”.

Yes. Since DCLP will be supported by Ethereum blockchain and operating on the biggest exchange in the world, DCLP will be instantly exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies, like BTC and also exchangeable for Fiat Chilean peso, on demand.

Contact Us

If you have any comment or question about Kleepay App, or regarding to our ICO investment round, or if you want to Franchise Kleepay in your country, don’t hesitate contacting us.